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The Best Car Speakers (Review) 2020-2021

Best Car SpeakersLooking for the best car speakers that your money can buy?

With different brands of speaker systems making entry into the market every year, it could become a daunting task to make a good choice.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the best 10 car speakers 2020 – 22021 to take the burden off you. We examined them based on their features, specifications, pros, and cons.

As a bonus, we included a detailed buying guide so you have zilch issues when you decide to make a purchase.

Whether you love listening to music while driving or you simply love luxury car accessories, there’s something for everyone.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

The 10 Best Car Speakers 2020-2021 (Reviewed & Compared):

1. JBL GTO609C Premium: Overall Best Car Speaker

If you’re replacing your old, raggedy speaker with JBL’s GTO609C Premium car speakers, you’d be quick to notice a stark difference. From the design and build of the speakers to the high audio quality that emanates from it, you’d agree that there’s a clear improvement.

One of the features that make it stand out is the carbon-injected plus one woofer cones. These cones are far larger than the ones you’d find in other car speakers in its size class. Its large size means more space for adequate air circulation and the production of more bass.

To top that, the soft-dome tweeters have oversized voice coils for higher power handling and to disperse heat better. The speaker also has magnetic vents on the woofer which helps to keep the voice coils cool. As a result, the high-frequency sound it produces is smooth and soothing to the ears.

This sound system has an impressive range of 53-21000Hz. The woofers handle low-frequency sounds while the tweeters are in charge of medium and high-frequency sounds. It also has a good crossover network that ensures the different frequency ranges go to the proper channels.

A  dual-level tweeter volume adjustment control that makes up for imperfect speaker placement. This volume adjustment can be set to suit your personal listening preference and musical taste.

You can fit the tweeters using either the surface-mount or flush methods. It also benefits from JBL’s patented I-mount system that allows flexible placement. So you can either place the speakers anywhere you like in your car or use the designated spaces.

Designed to replace factory-fitted speakers, the GTO609C has three-ohm speakers that compensate for the thin factory speaker wires in many cars.


Potential Problem:

The only shortcoming of the JBL GTO609C Premium is that the speakers sound flat, and lack mid and lower range.



  •         Large carbon-infused Plus One Woofer cones
  •         Soft-dome tweeter voice coils
  •         Surface-mount and Flush-mount brackets
  •         Frequency range – 53-21000Hz
  •         Original I-mount system
  •         Dual-level tweeter volume adjustment



  •         Great sound quality even at low volumes
  •         Compatible with a wide range of cars
  •         Better bass production
  •         High sensitivity
  •         Adjustable tweeter volume
  •         Tweeter mounting options are very flexible


  •         May require an external amp for improved performance



Brand JBL
Sound clarity  
Vehicle Speaker Size 6.5 inches
Weight 6.17 pounds
Dimensions 14.84 x 7.95 x 6.1 inches
Power Output 270W




If you’re an audio enthusiast looking for a solid replacement for your car audio system, you should consider getting JBL GTO609C Premium car speakers.

With an excellent component speaker performance at an affordable price, this is one of the best car accessories you can grab at a fair price.


2. Focal ES 165 KX2 K2:  Best 2-Way Component Speaker System

Focal ES 165 KX2 K2:  Best 2-Way Component Speaker SystemFocal’s ES 165 KX2 K2 Power Series component system is a must-have for sound lovers. The component speakers are built to enable you to reach high levels of bass and acoustic reproduction.

Thanks to the speaker’s composite sandwich cone technology, it is capable of high power handling. It features Tuned Mass Damper (TMD®) rubber surround that reduces harmonic distortion to reproduce a cleaner midbass.

The car speakers have crossovers equipped with high-performance audiophile components. With the use of imaging, the crossovers are optimized for component power dissipation and proper heat dispersion.

The ES 165 KX2 comes with 2-ohm voice coils capable of extracting maximum power from your receiver/amplifier so you can get a better beat from your stereo. The voice coil has vents to lower and stabilize the temperature of the voice coil for increased power handling.  

It features the unique “W” sandwich woofers that are designed with a thin layer of Kevlar® aramid woven fiber. This makes the cone very stiff, yet still able to produce solid bass performance. The subwoofers also have a very high sensitivity of 92.5dB, allowing it to work in very compact volumes.

The “M”-shaped inverted dome tweeter is also made using aramid fiber, making the tweeters lightweight. Due to the lightweight materials that are used, the 1-1/8” tweeters can reproduce an extended high-frequency response of 55-22,000 Hz with clarity and accuracy.


Potential Problem:

Sadly, the Focal ES 165KX2 6.5″ 2-Way Component Speaker System cannot be bi-amped like the JBL GTO609C Premium.

It is also a high-performance device, except for the fact that it is expensive. So, depending on your budget, you can find other less pricey car speakers for about the same performance.



  •         Two 6-1/2″ woofers
  •         Two 1-1/8” aramid fiber “M”-shaped inverted-dome tweeters
  •         Two external crossovers with the capacity of bi-amplification
  •         2 woofer grilles
  •         Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) rubber surround
  •         Audio adjustments for perfect sound/imaging
  •         Composite K2 Kevlar Power “W” sandwich cone woofers
  •         2-way external crossover with 3 tweeter level settings
  •         Maximum power 240W
  •         Nominal power 120W RMS


  •         High power handling
  •         Phase plug for better dispersion
  •         Clarity and great sound quality at all volume levels
  •         Quality component materials


  •         Tweeters can become too bright when playing some songs
  •         Quite pricey



Brand Focal
Sound clarity  
Vehicle Speaker Size 6.5 inches
Weight 6.61 pounds
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 2 inches
Power Output 240W



Overall, Focal ES 165 KX2 K2 Power 6-1/2″ is a top-performing car speaker. Although it is quite expensive, we recommend this speaker if it is within your budget.


3. Focal ES 165 KX3 K2: Best-Sounding 3-Way Car Component Speakers

Focal ES 165 KX3 K2: Best-Sounding 3-Way Car Component SpeakersNow, let’s move on to Focal’s new improved ES 165 KX3 K2 Power 6-1/2″. If you’re on the lookout for a speaker that allows you to hear the depth in music, then this is for you.

This 3-way component speaker set comes with 2 woofers, 2 midrange speakers, 2 tweeters, and 2 external crossovers. These quality components combine to produce an audio system with a dynamic ability and brilliant refinement.

The tweeters have an “M”-shaped inverted dome for higher power handling, better audio, and wider dispersion. They can be mounted using some adapters, giving you customizable options. They also provide perfect highs and enhanced frequency coverage, resulting in greater audio quality.

Like the KX2 component kit, it features “W” sandwich woofers that are designed with a thin layer of Kevlar® aramid woven fiber inserted between a pair of thin glass fiber. This not only results in the production of drivers that are lightweight but equally durable.

Other features found in the K2 Power series are Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) rubber surround, for eliminating distortion for better sound quality at higher volumes. It is designed with built-in tuning options and crossovers that allow you to have more control of the device. The speaker is also designed with a push-pull motor to dampen acoustic resonances.


Potential Problem:

The only shortcoming of Focal ES 165 KX3 K2 speakers is the cost. It is far more expensive than an average car speaker with similar features.



  •         Two 6-1/2″ woofers
  •         Two 3″ midrange drivers
  •         Bi-Amp crossover
  •         1-1/8” aramid fiber “M”-shaped inverted-dome tweeter
  •         Handles up to 120 watts RMS (240 watts peak power)
  •         Two external crossovers
  •         Aluminum and mesh grille
  •         93dB sensitivity
  •          The frequency response of 45 Hz – 22 kHz
  •         4-ohm impedance
  •         Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) rubber surround
  •         Composite K2 Power “W” sandwich cone


  •         Safe impedance
  •         High power handling


  •         Tweeters can become too bright when playing some songs
  •         Expensive



Brand Focal Elite K2 Power
Sound clarity  
Vehicle Speaker Size 6.5 inches
Weight 6.17 pounds
Dimensions 14.84 x 7.95 x 6.1 inches
Power Output 270W



All in all, the ES 165 KX3 K2 Power 6-1/2″ is an impressive speaker system, built for durability and reliability. Its rich sound quality delivers audio bliss to the ears, and you can get rid of distortion forever.


4. BOSS BRT27A ATV UTV Soundbar System: Best Speaker for ATVs and UTVs


BOSS BRT27A ATV UTV Soundbar System: Best Speaker for ATVs and UTVs


If you appreciate good soundbars when driving, then you’d love the experience you’d get from the Boss Audio BRT27A Weatherproof 27-inch Sound system. You’d enjoy it better with vehicles like ATVs and UTVs. It is also compatible with RVs, SUVs, and boats. So you can use it on both land and water.

It features three pairs of 3” full-range speakers and comes with a built-in 500W Max Class D amplifier. This class of amplifier helps to enhance incoming audio signals, providing it with adequate power to deliver a brilliant sound.

Compared to the Class A/B amps, the Class D amp is more efficient in terms of speed and emission of less heat.

Another amazing detail about the BRT27A is connectivity. You don’t need any technical knowledge to connect to other devices. With a frequency of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bandwidth, you can be sure to get a really good wireless connection. 

It features a USB port that allows you to charge USB devices when they are low on battery. It also allows wireless connection via Bluetooth. So you can access your favorite music apps like Pandora and Spotify. It has a multifunction remote that you can use to control the sound system.

If you prefer a wired connection, the speaker system features a 3.5mm Aux Input so you can connect to the audio output of your MP3 Player, tablets, or Smartphone.

It has Built-in LED Lights to help enhance visibility, especially at night. It’s a fairly good light source if you need to check the dash area or view a map.

The BOSS BRT27A is fully weather-proof with an IPX5 Rating giving you advanced protection from dust and water. However, you should take measures to prevent it from rain or water exposure.

Everything you need to make your driving experience better can easily be found on the control –play/pause, skip, mute, volume, LED lights, etc.

Simply connect the sound system to a 12V power source before you switch it on and you’re good to go. 

Potential Problem:

The only shortcoming of the BOSS BRT27A is that this sound-bar is not designed for small-sized cars. It is best suited for ATVs or UTVs because of its size.


  •         1″ Horn Loaded Tweeters
  •         Three pairs of 3″ Full-range Speakers
  •         IPX5 Rated Weatherproof System
  •         Class D amplifier
  •         Bluetooth Stream and Control
  •         Adjustable multi-angle clamps
  •         USB Charging
  •         Built-in LED Lights
  •         Pre-Amp Outputs to connect multiple units


  •         Great system for off-the-road driving
  •         Offers many connectivity options
  •         Great bass dispersion
  •         Weather-proof system
  •         Many added features


  •         Fit for only ATVs or UTVs



Sound clarity  
Vehicle Speaker Size 27 inches
Weight 14.4 pounds
Dimensions 27.1 x 5 x 5.75 inches
Power Output 500W Max



Overall, the BOSS Audio Systems BRT27A is a good sound system for ATV or UTV vehicles. It has many added features that boost its performance and makes driving a delight.


5. Infinity KAPPA-90CSX 6″ x 9″: Best Affordable Component Speaker

Infinity KAPPA-90CSX 6" x 9": Best Affordable Component Speaker

The INFINITY KAPPA 90CSX 6″ x 9″ is quite different from other sound-bars you are familiar with. Unlike the common W-domes, it features edge-driven textile dome tweeters that deliver a smoother higher frequency response.

The speaker is a 6″ x 9″ Plus One+ glass-fiber woofer cone, surrounded with hi-roll rubber pad. This feature is responsible for its lightweight nature. It also gives higher efficiency and makes it more durable.

With a 35-35k Hz frequency range, you’d get quicker response and a high power handling capacity. Its high sensitivity of up to 96 dB allows the speaker to deliver superb volume and sound with as low as 5W RMS.

Since it has a low impedance voice coil of 2.5 ohms, you’d get a high output with low distortion at high volumes. The speaker will also be able to extract maximum power from the amplifier with ease. The low impedance also serves as compensation for possible resistance in thin factory speaker wires.

This Infinity Kappa’s 2-way component system has band-pass crossovers that are gap-selectable. So it can accommodate a 3-way upgrade with great tonal balance.

Thanks to the mounting brackets, you can easily install or mount the speakers in your vehicle. Because the tweeters are angled and can be rotated at 2700, you can get different imaging options. You can also raise the soundstage if the speaker is mounted too low.

Potential Problem:

The only issue is that it might be a bit tasking to do the wiring through the doors. Other than that, it’s a great purchase.


  •         Plus One glass-fiber woofer cone with surrounding hi-roll rubber
  •         Edge-driven textile dome tweeters
  •         Voice coil
  •         2 flush-mount cups and adapters
  •         Gap switchable crossover
  •         High power handling capacity
  •         94dB sensitivity at 2.83V
  •         Frequency level 35Hz – 35kHz
  •         Two grilles
  •         2 spacers
  •         2.5-ohm impedance


  •         Great sound quality
  •         Bluetooth-enabled system
  •         Remote control to make it easy to access the functions
  •         Easy to fit in cars


  •         It is not waterproof
  •         Bass quality is not as good as other speakers within the same price range



Brand Infinity
Sound clarity  
Vehicle Speaker Size 6″ x 9″
Weight 10.8 pounds
Dimensions 10 x 7 x 4 inches
Power Output 135 Watt RMS

405 Watt Peak




The KAPPA 90CSX 6″ x 9″ is the sound system to have if you are looking for pure entertainment while driving. The speaker’s components are also designed to be durable, making them one of the best component speakers.


6. Alpine R-Series Bundle: Best 6.5 component speakers

Alpine R-Series Bundle: Best budget 6.5 component speakers

Another reputable car speaker brand is the Alpine R series and one of its improved designs is the Alpine R-S65C R-Series 6.5″ component speakers. The Type-R sound of this model has been updated to deliver a higher sound and mid-bass performance.

It features the use of carbon fiber technology for the production of the tweeters and woofer cones.

The Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer makes the speakers feel lighter, yet it possesses high strength and improves sound clarity.

This R-Series speaker has an excellent power handling capacity with a frequency response of range 65-29,000 Hz.

 It features an extra-large voice coil that is 35mm in diameter and precision-engineered neodymium magnetic structure. This enables it to have great control of the cone movement for perfect linearity and potent bass.

It features Wave Guide to enhance in-car sound dispersion. It also helps to remove phase distortion that’s usually caused by cone flexing.

This speaker system uses a new ring-type tweeter voice coil to increase efficiency and improve tonal balance to achieve better sound quality. You can use your hand to aim it for best staging and imaging, wherever you’re listening from.

You can install it using a flush-mount or on-dash configuration. It comes with installation adapters. Overall, they are very easy to install, saving you the cost of getting professional help.

Potential Problem:

The only shortcoming of the Alpine R-S65C is that the crossovers might not be easy to position for non-technical persons.


  •         1″ Silk Dome Tweeter Swivel Tweeter Mounting
  •         Multi-Layer Hybrid Fiber Cone
  •         Large Square Wire Dual-Layer Voice Coil
  •         High Amplitude Multi-Roll (H.A.M.R.) Surround
  •         Crossover networks including tweeter level adjustments
  •         Has a sensitivity of 88 dB
  •         Top-mounting depth – 2-3/8


  •         Carbon fiber polymer for resonance-free sound
  •         Delivers natural sound and deep bass
  •         Adds a luxurious look to your car


  •         Tricky to install the woofer and wire the crossovers through the doors



Brand Alpine
Sound clarity  
Vehicle Speaker Size 6.5 inches
Weight 10 pounds
Dimensions 14.84 x 7.95 x 6.1 inches
Power Output 100W RMS

300W Peak




With the latest technology that’s incorporated in the R series, Alpine’s R-S65C makes a great purchase. It is also one of the most affordable car component speakers.


7. JL AUDIO C5-653 Evolution C5 Series: Best Affordable 3-way Car Component System

JL AUDIO C5-653 Evolution C5 Series: Best Affordable 3-way Car Component System

If you are looking for superb linearity at high volumes, while still achieving low distortion, then 6-1/2″ Evolution C5 Series is the right choice. This 3-Way Car Component System is designed to suit custom installation for a heightened musical experience.

The C5-653 Evolution C5 Series features a pair of silk dome tweeters that deliver a smooth and prolonged response. The 4” speakers handle the midrange drivers to emit defined sounds and instruments. The 4” midrange drivers are designed with Kurt Müller cones and suspensions. They are built on an embossed steel chassis with detachable mounting cups. This allows you to install them in various mounting applications.

The 6-1/2” woofers are designed for longer cone travel. This way, more air would pass through increasing the bass and depth of the sound. These woofers use JL Audio’s patented cooling tech that enables the speakers to perform optimally at all volume levels.

These speakers have a power handling capacity of 75 Watts RMS and 225 Watts Peak power. With this capacity, the car speakers can handle whatever job you hand them.

The added flush and surface mounting fixtures make it easy to install in a variety of ways. The flush-mount fixtures utilize JL Audio’s Ratcheting Swivel Rotation mechanism that ensures perfect tweeter aiming after installation.

The C5 crossover networks are compact yet featuring 4 tweeter levels and 3-position midrange levels. With this, you can get 12 different adjustment combinations. So, even if you mount your speaker in the most obscure place, you’ll still be able to get quality sound. Also, with good placement, you can get an exceptional stereo image.


 Potential Problem:

One challenge with JL Audio is that the crossovers are a bit difficult to position. They are slightly fat so you can’t easily tuck them behind the dash. You may also need to make a few modifications to get better sound quality.



  • 6-1/2″ Evolution C5 Series 3-Way Car Component System
  •  Two 6-3/4″Mineral-filled polypropylene woofer
  • Butyl rubber surround
  • Two 0.75” Silk Dome Tweeters
  •  2 external crossover networks
  • Pure silk dome tweeter with exclusive DMA-optimized motors
  •  6-1/2″ Woofer with a cast alloy frame
  • Two 4” mid-range drivers with stamped steel frames
  • Two woofer grilles
  • Two midrange grilles
  • Woofer top-mount depth of 2-9/16″
  •  4-ohm impedance
  • 89.5 dB sensitivity
  •  48-25,000 Hz frequency response


  •         Great sound clarity
  •         High-performance speakers
  •         Low distortion
  •         Adjustable crossovers
  •         Can be installed in various ways


  •         Installation can be complex for some users



Brand JL Audio
Sound clarity  
Vehicle Speaker Size 6.5 inches
Weight 11 pounds
Dimensions 12.4 x 11.6 x 9.1 inches
Power Output 25-75 Watts RMS

225 Watts peak



Although you’d need a few modifications for you to install the tweeters and midrange drivers, the C5-653 Evolution car speakers still deliver smooth and exceptional sound. The components are also well designed to produce optimum results.


8. Rockford Fosgate T2652-S Power 6.50

Rockford Fosgate T2652-S Power 6.50

Rockford Fosgate is one of the popular brands in the car audio industry. This time around, they have succeeded in manufacturing a high-performance video at an affordable price. It is a great choice if you are in search of the right replacement for your current car stereo.

The T2652-S is specially designed to produce clear and quality sound for music lovers who know the importance of high-quality sound. The speakers feature one mounting hardware, two tweeters, and a pair of 6.5-inch woofers with grills.

These grilles and mounting frames are included in the kit to ensure you have a smooth and easy installation process.

It comes with midrange drivers that offer high performance and are highly responsive. The speakers also have a power handling rated at a maximum of 200 Watts and 100 Watt RMS.

You’d get more robust bass sounds and fewer distortions with the Rockford Fosgate TS652 Component Speaker.

The butyl rubber surround helps in increasing the area of the woofer cone by 25% to produce better bass. It also includes an aluminum woofer phase plug to prevent overheating and enhance sound dispersion.

Potential Problem:

The only shortcoming of the Rockford Fosgate T2652-S is that the speaker size is quite large. The magnet sticks out too far and it is larger than 6.5”.


  •         Aluminum dome neo-tweeter with integral suspension
  •         Internal tweeter mylar phase plug
  •         Recessed tweeter mount uses standard 1-3/4″ hole saw
  •         Carbon fiber & polypropylene injection molded cone
  •         Butyl midrange rubber surround
  •         Billet machined aluminum phase plug
  •         FlexFit basket design
  •         External audiophile grade component crossover
  •         Bi-amp on/off capability
  •         3 levels of tweeter attenuation
  •         On-axis/off-axis tweeter configuration
  •         5% tolerance high-quality poly-capacitors and air-core inductors
  •         OEM adapter plate included


  •         Great sound quality
  •         Easy to install
  •         Durable
  •         Amazing bass
  •         Solid build quality


  •         Trim around the tweeters looks cheap
  •         Not enough screws for speaker
  •         Price is on the high side



Brand Rockford
Sound clarity  
Vehicle Speaker Size 6.5 inches
Weight 8 pounds
Dimensions 14 x 3 x 4 inches
Power Output 200W Max

100W RMS




Smart design and high audio performance, this is one of the best car accessories you can ever have.


9. Focal Access 165 A3 6.5-Inch 3-Way Component Speaker

The Focal Access 165 A3 is no doubt one of the best speakers you can ever get for your automobile. The speaker comes with several features and specifications that are responsible for its impressive sound.

One of those features is the aluminum inverted dome tweeter responsible for transmitting high-frequency sounds uniformly at a fine resolution. It is a huge bonus that the tweeters are inverted.

With 160 watts, Focal Access 165 A3 will blow your mind when connected to the right amp. Another unique quality is the glass fiber cones and rubber surround on the woofers and midrange speakers.

There is also a crossover technology that allows you to regulate the volume of each speaker (woofers, midrange, and tweeters).

Potential Problem:

The only shortcoming of the Focal Access 165 A3 is the price tag. Although the price might be on the high side, there is no doubt that sound quality is amazing. In this case, you get the value of what you pay for.


  •         Two 6-3/4″ woofers
  •         Two 4″ midrange speakers
  •         2 tweeters
  •         2external crossovers
  •         2 woofer grilles
  •         Water-resistant
  •         A woven glass-fiber woofer in non-resonant ABS/fiberglass basket
  •         Woven glass-fiber midrange cone with butyl rubber surround
  •         An aluminum inverted dome tweeter
  •         External crossover with 3-position tweeter level
  •         4-ohm impedance
  •         6-80 watts RMS power range (160 watts peak)
  •         Frequency response – 55-20,000 Hz
  •         Sensitivity – 90 dB


  •         Great sound for the price.
  •         Easy to install with extra accessories.
  •         Woven Glass Fiber Cone
  •         Fantastic Bass
  •         Surface Mounting Capabilities


  •         Expensive
  •         Difficult Installation
  •         Needs Powerful Amp



Brand Focal Access
Sound clarity  
Vehicle Speaker Size 6.5 inches
Weight 12.15 pounds
Dimensions 22.83 x 3.94 x 14.17 inches
Power Output 6-80W RMS

160W Peak



In general, you cannot go wrong with the Focal Access 165 A3. It is a perfect replacement speaker for old and factory-fitted speakers. With a powerful amp, you’d enjoy a good sound quality.


10. Memphis Audio SRXP62C SRX Pro 6.5″ Competition Component Car Speakers

Memphis Audio SRXP62C SRX Pro 6.5" Competition Component Car SpeakersMemphis Audio has over the last decade established a legacy of producing excellent car audio products. Known for producing powerful and acoustically refined car speakers, the Memphis Audio SRXP62C SRX Pro proves that.

The Memphis Audio SRXP62C SRX Pro Component set features two 6.5″ mid-bass drivers with a power rating of 125 Watts RMS each. These speakers are designed in a way to increase excursion and output. A 1.5″ voice coil is also inserted to support higher power handling.

You will also find two SRXPT Tweeters in this kit and 2 crossovers that will ensure your sound system is filtered properly.  They can handle up to 100 Watts RMS and are responsible for bringing life to your vocals. 

Potential Problem:

The only downside of the Memphis Audio SRXP62C SRX Pro is that the tweeters are very massive hence finding a location for them might be a little tricky.


  •         Memphis Audio SRXP62C SRX Pro 6.5″ Competition SPL Component Car Audio Speakers
  •         Component set includes 2 SRXP62 mid-bass drivers, 2 SRPT Tweeters and 2 crossovers
  •         Ultra-light treated paper cone high SPL speaker
  •         Cloth treated surround for high SPL
  •         Accordion design for increased excursion and output
  •         1.5″ VC for higher power handling
  •         Center phase plug for improved high-frequency response


  •         Great sound quality even at low volumes
  •         Compatible with a wide range of cars
  •         Greater bass capacities
  •         High sensitivity
  •         Adjustable tweeter volume
  •         The tweeter mounting options are very flexible


  •         Requires an external amp for improved performance
  •         Low impedance



Brand Memphis Audio
Sound clarity  
Vehicle Speaker Size 6.5 inches
Weight 23 pounds
Dimensions 15 x 12 x 3.2 inches
Power Output 250W



If you are looking for an upgrade of your audio system without breaking the bank, the Memphis Audio SRXP62C SRX Pro is just what you’ve been looking for.


Buyers’ Guide: How to Pick the Best Car Speakers in 2020-2021

Through our research, we have found the above products to be the top 10 and best audio car speakers you would find in the market. Even if these car audio systems will make for a great purchase, there are important factors to note to guide you in making the right choice.


Important Factors to Consider Before Buying Car Speakers

Power Handling Capacity

The power capacity of your car speaker is very important. Power handling, usually measured in Watts (W), refers to the number of watts that can pass through the speakers.

It signifies the speaker’s ability to handle power without causing any damage. When you subject your speaker to more power than it can handle, it will get damaged.

This is quite important, most especially if you’ll be using the existing head units when replacing your factory-installed car speakers. To enjoy good sound quality, your speakers must have the capacity to handle the power the head unit or amplifier transmits.

Generally, speakers have two power ratings – Peak power rating and Continuous/RMS. The Peak power rating is the maximum amount of power the speaker can transmit instantly. On the other hand, the RMS rating is the continuous power output the speaker can handle without getting damaged.

So before making a purchase, ensure the speaker’s power is indicated in RMS. You should also ensure that the head units are compatible with the speaker’s power output.


The Sensitivity of the Speaker

Speaker sensitivity, measured in decibels (dB), refers to the amount of power the speaker should receive to produce sound at a certain volume. This factor is responsible for the speaker’s loudness.

Speakers with high sensitivity do not need much power, especially true if you are replacing only a few components of the sound system. However, if you’re replacing all the components, low sensitivity speakers are better.

Manufacturers measure sensitivity levels either based on a room or non-reverberating environment. The sensitivity levels measured in a room environment are increased by about 2-3 dB compared to a non-echoing environment.

An average speaker has a sensitivity of 87 – 88 dB. If it is over 90 dB sensitivity rating, it is considered as excellent. So, the higher the sensitivity level, the louder the speaker will be.


Build Quality

It is also important to confirm the quality of the individual components of the speaker. The quality is a major determinant of the speaker’s overall performance and longevity.

In the summertime, the heat level increases, and in winter, it gets really cold. Extreme temperatures could cause damage to your speakers. To prevent the premature damage of your speakers, look out for speakers with good quality features.

Rubber surrounds are generally more durable compared to other surrounding materials. Whether it’s a metallic material or polypropylene, the woofer cones should be stiff and lightweight for good sound emission and durability. Silk-dome tweeters and graphite-like tweeters are also both durable.


Speaker configuration and Size

Before you purchase new speakers, find out the size specifications of your damaged or factory. This will help you determine the exact size and configuration you should go for. Also, some stores can give you this information based on the model of your car.  

Only speakers that are compatible with the power output on the audio system will deliver great sound quality.



Are you looking for a budget-friendly speaker or luxury-end speakers? Consider your budget. Good car speakers can boost your driving experience, but they don’t have to be pricey. You should also take note that expensive doesn’t always translate to quality. So make sure you compare your budget with the quality you can get for that price. There are different price options to suit different spending capacities. Also, having a budget will help you cross out unreasonable choices.


Additional Features

After you’ve considered your budget, check for car speakers with extra features. Additional features mean more value for your money. Do you need detachable tweeters for more mobility or do you prefer pivoting tweeters that can be installed in fixated spaces? You can install detachable speakers in both component and coaxial systems. On the other hand, pivoting tweeters will allow you to rotate the speakers to the listening direction you want. If these features cost you extra or do not benefit you, then you probably don’t need them.


The Category of Speaker System

There are two categories of speaker systems: Coaxial speakers and Component speakers. You may want to consider the one that’s best for you, based on your car brand or personal preference.


Coaxial/Full-Range Speakers

Coaxial speakers are often referred to as full-range speakers. This is because they are designed to reproduce a wide range of sound frequencies from a single system.

Unlike component speakers, all the components are incorporated into the speaker as a single unit. The tweeters and woofers make up these components. This design convention makes it easy to get good sound from one single output.

However, this arrangement is a compromise to the functionality of the woofer and tweeter. As a result, most full-range speakers still need more customization options and drivers for improved sound quality.

Component Speakers

Unlike full-range speakers, each part of component speakers is installed separately. The different parts of component speakers are designed for optimum sound experience. This setup enhances the clarity of the individual instruments coming from the stereo.

As humans, we have a hearing range of about 20 – 20 kHz. Tweeters handle high frequencies while woofers handle lower frequencies. So, the crossovers are introduced to channel the right sound frequencies properly.



How do I install my car speakers?

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, you should find it easy to install full-range speakers. However, component speakers require expert installation. You should get a trained person to do the job.


How much power does my new speaker require?

About 40-50 watts would be adequate.


Do speakers with a higher sensitivity produce better sound quality?

Speakers with higher sensitivity and higher power capacities emit louder and better sound quality.


Can I use my car speakers for home theater?

Yes, you can. Car speakers are nearly the same as home speakers, save for a few differences.

However, these two types of speakers have different impedance ratings. Car speakers have lower impedance compared to home theater speakers.

Car speakers are designed for low voltage and high amperage systems. Due to this, a 4 ohm is sufficient to operate car audio systems.

The opposite is the case for home speakers, and they also need an impedance of 6-8 ohms.

So, you’ll need an amplifier/receiver for your car speaker, capable of powering your home theater system.

How can I make my car speaker sound better?

If you listen to music via your phone or MP3 player, the sound quality won’t be really good. Upgrade your head unit by replacing it with one that features a USB connection.

You can also add other units like amplifiers, signal processors, or equalizers to improve the performance.

However, your car speaker might be fine and it may just be that you’re listening to songs from over-compressed files. So the fix may just be as simple as high-quality music files or high res audio.

Do I need a subwoofer with car speakers?

Many factory-installed car speakers have very low bass and require you to install a subwoofer for better sound quality.

You’d need a good subwoofer to provide rich bass sounds if you’d be using car speakers in your home theater system.

How many speakers can I connect to a 2-channel amplifier?

You can connect between 2 to 4 8-ohm speakers to a power output system.  You’d need an ohm load around 4 and 16. You should also arrange the connected speakers in a parallel position.

Should I buy a component or coaxial speaker for my car?

If you’re looking to enhance your listening experience, then you should go for component speakers. You’ll enjoy better imaging and sound production. This is facilitated by its mountable tweeters that you can move close to ear level. You can also install different drivers in component speakers, making it custom-friendly. If you are not good at installation, you’d need to request for technical help.

However, if you are looking for a less expensive speaker, coaxial speakers are a great choice. They are also quite easy and fast to install. Because the sound drivers are relatively close, coaxial speakers are likely to experience frequency interference. This affects its stereo imaging.

What size of car speaker should I buy?

The size option depends on your car brand. You need to take measurements to ensure the new speaker fits. Some stores can also tell you the cone size if you tell them your car brand and model. But this is not the only thing to consider. You should also take note of the dimensions of the previously installed speakers. Take proper measurements before shopping for a new speaker to avoid wasting your money.

What is the cost of a car speaker?

The most common car speakers are the coaxial / full-range speaker systems. They consist of woofers and tweeters and their cost is dependent on brand, build quality, size, and power handling specifications. You can get some car speakers for as low as $10. Most of the best coaxial car speakers cost between the range of $60 and $300.

However, if you want to upgrade your car speakers, you should consider component speakers. Component speakers are usually equipped with premium quality components and more customized options. They are pricier, ranging from $90 to $1500.


That’s all for our review on the top 10 best car speakers 2020-2021. We included all the important features to look out for when looking for a car audio system. Our best car speakers’ review also caters to both budget-friendly car speakers and high-end models. 

We hope we’ve successfully helped you to make a good buying decision. Good luck!

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