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2021 Dodge 2500: Release Date, Specs, Price, Capacity

A muscular, sporty stance is what we expect in the 2021 Ram 2500 heavy-duty series trucks.

The reputation of Dodge trucks is untainted, and the all-new 2021 ram 2500 promises a more aggressive performance and looks courtesy of the latest upgrades.

They have power and quality.

The 2021 dodge 2500 ram is not just a standard heavy-duty truck. Undoubtedly, we expect to see the serious exterior and interior changes/upgrades.

2021 Dodge 2500For instance, the addition of modern tweaks, similar to those found on the Ram 1500 – brand-new headlights and a new grille.

The idea here is to deliver a more modern appearance.

The dodge version of Ram offers more than any other model in this segment. The aggressive stance, astonishing capabilities, and practicality make the truck as a must-have for your daily activities.

Did you know that the reincarnation of Power Wagon happened in late 2005?

Yes, and 15 years down the line, the model still exists, and it offers unparalleled reliability.

2021 ram 2500 power wagon will be practical. Here’s why:

  • Higher towing capacity than before
  • Excellent off-road capabilities, courtesy of to the higher ground clearance
  • Modified suspension exclusive for this model.

In this write up we analyze all the details. Since it is an in-depth analysis, here are the major sections we cover:

  • Release date and prices
  • Ram 2500 Trims currently available
  • The new 2021 RAM trucks – what to expect
  • Towing capacity
  • Engine configuration and transmission
  • Exterior and interior redesign
  • User’s manual
  • Warranty
  • Comparison: 2021 ram 2500 vs. 350, 3500, f250

Let’s look at what to expect from this beast.

2021 Dodge Ram 2500 Release Date

The actual release date of this powerful and versatile truck isn’t known. Nonetheless, it is expected that the manufacturers plan to release the new RAM HD line-up later in 2020.

Thereafter, the manufacturer may release the new 2021 Dodge Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi. While it may be too early to presume the actual release date, several rumors indicate that the third quarter of 2021 might be the season to witness these new releases.

2021 Dodge 2500 Price details

The current models retails at $33,895 — $66,150. The new 2500 Power Wagon should follow a somewhat related approach. So there is no reason to believe that the new 2021 Dodge 2500 will have a better price.

Look, this truck will have many trim levels, and upper trims will cost over $40,000. So we expect the new Ram truck series to begin at something like $39,340 for a regular-cab, rear-wheel-drive 2500 long-wheelbase Bighorn.

The price should move to $43,995 when opting for the crew cab, and if you add a four-wheel drive to that, Trim brings the MSRP to $46,695.

Remember, this is just speculation. The manufacturer hasn’t given the actual pricing, which we anticipate it will be soon.

Ram 2500 Trims/Models Available – Highlights

Ram 2500 power wagon – $55,045

Ram 2500 power wagon - $55,045

The current 2500 power wagon performs better than its counterparts, especially when it comes to off-road capabilities. It is purely 4×4, which means you can cruise all lands without difficulty.

These features will be enhanced into a whole new version of a vehicle that will take on the toughest terrain. Keep in mind the current version has impressive features like the

  • A front disconnecting sway bar
  • Front and rear axle lockers
  • A 12,000-pound WARN® winch.

These, alongside other features, make it easier for the Ram 2500 Power Wagon to tame any terrain. The 2021 Dodge 2500 is expected to pack more of these features for a better experience.

The 2500 power wagon features the best cabin looks. It is not only spacious but also very comfortable for drivers of any size. The model has a black and liquid graphite cabin and leather-trimmed seating, which confers a signature look.

The legendary 6.4L HEMI® V8 engine that boasts of standard 410 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of twist, which is sufficient for most off-road activities. This is the gasoline choice.

If your intentions are heavy-duty operations, then the diesel choice is ideal for you. It is a 6.7-liter Cummins generating up to 370 horses and 930 lb-ft of torque.

RAM 2500 Laramie – $36,125

RAM 2500 Laramie - $36,125

Laramie is an option to create a lasting impression. It features a distinctive chrome billet grille and LED exterior lighting.

The truck’s interior has scaled-up capabilities and refinements – you will appreciate the leather-trimmed seats featuring suede inserts and a gray accent stitching. The soft-touch surfaces create an upscale, and when combining with the LED ambient lighting, you get a luxurious feel.

With available 6.7L Cummins® Turbo Diesel I6 engine, this beast can easily tow up to 19,680 pounds. So you can easily accomplish tasks that require towing.

Still, it comes with decent night lighting features and a lane departure lane software to help you stay on your lane.

RAM 2500 Laramie Longhorn – $36,125

RAM 2500 Laramie Longhorn - $36,125

The Laramie Longhorn trim features an exclusive chrome billet grille and striking two-tone paint options. The seating is 100% leather and real wood. Additionally, the premium seats are enhanced with alligator-embossed leather accents.

What sets these trucks apart from the rest is the RamBox® Cargo Management System. This feature takes your cargo storage to the next level. The system makes it easy to load and off-load cargo from your vehicle. But then again, it offers better means to secure cargo on your truck’s trailer.

An additional feature on the cargo management system is the crisp LED lighting and a 115-volt outlet.

RAM 2500 Limited – $36,125

RAM 2500 Limited - $36,125

While the limited edition comes with standard exterior features, it has an additional power side step and chrome details.

However, the interior of this truck strikes you as a modern and luxurious truck in its class. Apart from the luxurious 100% leather seating, you also get the largest available touch screen within its class. The screen has a 12-inch, high-resolution Uconnect® touchscreen that will display features like Navigation, and 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot, among others.

Another unique feature of this model is the Auto-Level rear air suspension that can automatically adapt to shifting loads and changes in road camber, as well as provide a parallel hitch between truck and trailer.

RAM 2500 Bighorn – $36,125

RAM 2500 Bighorn - $36,125

This version comes in both 4×2 and 4×4 version, and 18-Inch x 8.0-Inch or 20-Inch x 8.0-Inch wheels. The design of these wheels will remain.

It is a powerful truck, featuring a 6.7L Cummins® Turbo Diesel I6 engine. This engine power should avail up to 850 pound-feet of torque.

While the chrome accent gives this truck decent looks, one more expectation is that the new model will even have a better look coupled with impressive performance.

The variations in seat types and colors should make this a versatile option for most off-road overs. You can choose between the bucket seat type and a bench seat type, whichever makes you comfortable.

However, an impressive thing is the accented finish and premium features like the power driver seat and the 12-inch Uconnect® touchscreen. Additionally, the steering wheel is leather-wrapped, thus comfortable.

All these features will be retained or made better in the 2021 Ram 2500 according to the 2021 ram 2500 rumors.

While noise is a great concern while driving in off-road conditions, the 2021 Ram 2500 Big Horn packs excellent Active Noise Cancelation and acoustic laminated glass. The features aim at offering a quiet ride on nearly all terrains.

Afraid of the dark? You get premium lighting features like the black badging, smoked headlamp, black grille billets, and tail-amp bezels.

And if you want help to remain on your lane, the LaneSense® Lane Departure Warning is your assistive software. And the trailer will have the camera also so that you can check your cargo while driving.

RAM 2500 Tradesman – $36,420

RAM 2500 Tradesman - $36,420

The outstanding quality of the RAM 2500 is that it handles the tough commercial-grade tasks with unmatched dependability, and this expected to be improved in the new version. The design of the molded doors and the work grade vinyl seats can withstand the most onerous task thrown at them.

The remote keyless entry, which offers enhanced security and convenience, is another strong point. Again, with the push-button design, you will be on the move sooner than expected.

Consider the tasks you will be subjecting the 2500 Tradesman to; the active grille shutter adapts to the speed, speed, and engine temperature. This results in optimum engine cooling efficiency and less aerodynamic drag.

What’s new in the 2021 Dodge Ram 2500? Here are the details

What’s new in the 2021 Dodge Ram 2500? Here are the details

Possible 2021 RAM HD Truck

The new 2021 ram 2500 will be an overhaul. However, sources indicate that it will borrow traits from other series like the Ram 1500.

That implies the looks, i.e., interior and the exterior gets an uplift, and the engine and performance move a notch higher too.

Surprisingly, some aspects will have to remain unchanged – heavy-duty line-up.

But customers expect that like the 2020 Ram 2500, there will be many options on this vehicle. This is in terms of configurations – regular cab, crew cab, and 4×2 or 4×4-only Mega Cab bodies.

Similarly, there we will expect trim ranges – Tradesman, luxurious Limited models, and the impressive Power Wagon off-road.

2021 dodge Ram 2500 power wagon capability

According to the 2021 ram 2500 rumors, this machine will, have improved capabilities than the recent model for efficient operation. That will mean we expect some changes in the engine too.

2021 Ram 2500 towing capacity

Off-road vehicles have greater towing capacities. However, it is essential to understand the ability of your car before you begin towing.

So, if you plan to use your 2021 dodge 2500 ram for towing, you need to understand its towing capacity since each Trim has limits.

While ordinary cars are advertised based on their horsepower, for trucks, their towing capabilities matter a lot. That’s why manufacturers emphasize torque and towing capacity. However, it is worth noting that the highest towing capacity may not apply to the truck you are interested in.

What is torque?

Torque translates to the amount of ‘turning power’ a car possesses. Simply put, it is the rotating force that the crankshaft of the engine produces. Therefore, if an engine produces more torque, it can do a greater amount of work.

To get torque, simply multiply force and length of the lever (through which it acts). Take this example; if you have a 1-foot long wrench and you apply 10 pounds of force while loosening a bolt head, you are generating 10-pound-feet of torque.

Torque is essential in accelerating. Any number you see as a vehicle torque is the maximum torque at the engine as a result of internal combustion, and is usually higher than the amount at wheels.

So with more torque, a car can accelerate faster in the initial stages when a car is just beginning to speed up.

Apart from speed, torque is essential for heavier and larger vehicles. A heavier car will need more torque to begin moving or keep cruising. And that is why heavier goods vehicles use torque, diesel-powered engines like in the dodge ram 2500 limited.

The Diesel and V-configured engines produce more torque at lower revs than petrol engines. The power wagon is a petrol engine transmission truck. It may not perform as great as its diesel counterparts when it comes to carrying loads. But still, it will offer you decent services.

The 2021 dodge ram 2500 power wagon, should retain or improve on such features.

Keep in mind, an engine with higher torque can move at the same speed at lower revs with more ease, a factor that makes driving smoother.

Did you know that more torque engines are referred to as having more pull? Look, after developing peak torque, lower the rev range, and this works the engine-less.

What is horsepower?

Horsepower is simply the power that an engine produces and is measured using a dynamometer.

One horsepower is the power that moves 550 pounds one foot in one second (power means the rate of doing work)

Now, what the dynamometer does is place a load on the engine and measure the twisting force that the engine crankshaft places against the load. The load is usually a brake preventing the wheels from spinning.

In reality, the dynamometer is doing is measuring the torque output of the engine. But remember, in a vehicle, measurement of torque occurs at various engine speeds or revolutions per minute (RPM). To get the horsepower, you multiple the torque and the RPM then divide the answer by 5,252.

Horsepower can be net or gross.

Towing capacity, on the other hand, is how much your 2021 dodge ram 2500 power wagon can pull. This differs from payload capacity, as it is the amount of load it can carry.

The towing capacities depend on:

  • Configuration of the truck
  • The chassis
  • The engine and transmission
  • The rear axle ratio
  • The truck’s weight

Since the 2021 ram 2500 build is expected to be stronger with better stability, its towing capacity cannot get lower than the current one.

When it comes to towing, it is crucial to consider trucks rating like Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), which is the total truck that can weigh when loaded. It encompasses the weight of the truck (with nothing) plus, what goes in the truck, i.e., passenger plus cargo.

It also includes the tongue weight, which is the downward force the trailer exerts on the trailer hitch ball rather than the weight of the trailer itself.

Another critical parameter that Manufacturers consider is the Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR). This is the maximum weight of the ruck, plus everything in it, plus the trailer and the weight that the trailer is carrying. This rating intends that you work safely with your truck. Loading beyond the weight capacity may cause this to go wrong.

The 2020 ram 2500 trucks have a maximum towing capacity of 19, 680 pounds. But of course, this is on selected models that have Ram 2500 diesel engine transmission like the 2020 dodge ram 2500 limited.

While the maximum towing capacity might remain the same in the 2021 ram 2500 trucks, we expect an improvement in the general performance.

Towing hardware

If the towing capacity is improved, then we expect an improvement in the towing hardware.

Currently, to accommodate the impressive 19,680-pound towing capacity, the Ram 2500 comes with a factory-installed rear-axle structural cross member with integrated mounting hardware for the available Fifth-Wheel/Gooseneck Prep Package.

The 2021 ram 2500 engine and transmission expectations

Take an example of the 2020 Ram 2500 Big Horn; this beast has a 6.7L Cummins® Turbo Diesel I6 engine, which delivers 850 pound-feet of torque can tow up to 19,680 pounds. Undoubtedly, this is impressive capabilities.

The 2021 ram 2500 engine and transmission expectations

Now, the Ram 2500 Power Wagon, which is built for the tough terrain 6.4L HEMI® V8 engine, delivers 410 horsepower and a 429 lb-ft torque. The torque is less than its counterpart –no doubt about it. Nevertheless, it features additional features like the front and rear axle lockers.

Should we expect the same engine capacities with the 2021 Ram releases?

Look, All models, except the Power Wagon, can take an option of a 370-hp and 850-lb-ft 6.7-liter Cummins turbo-diesel inline-six. The engine gets an automatic six-speed transmission while the Power Wagon has an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The default power is optimized for efficiency.

The V8 engine is slightly smoother and more pleasant for day-to-day driving. In turn, this allows for an impressive-for-a-truck acceleration and overtaking in town or on the highway.

However, the turbo-diesel aims at maximum towing and payload-carrying capabilities. Therefore, the diesel motor, on the other hand, is for working and comes with hoarse-toned determination.

For the 2021 Ram 2500 gas engine, we expect better performance on the highways and town. Retaining the eight-speed automatic transmission isn’t a bad idea. And if torque can be increased little on this V-8 machine, then it could be better.

One thing we less expect is the 2021 Ram 2500 manual transmission version. Currently, the Ram’s Cummins diesel with the turbocharged 6.7-liter unit delivers 930 lb-ft of torque when installed in the 3500 model.

When installed on 2500 Ram, you get an impressive 800 lb-ft torque. However, mating the diesel engine and manual transmission results in a mere 660 lb-ft torque. Well, of course, some customers opt for the manual transmission, but we expect less of 2021 ram 2500 manual transmission.

Ram offers a manual transmission as a no-cost option for 2500 and 3500 pickups, but only when paired to the 6.7-liter Cummins diesel.  The models with manual transmission include Tradesman, SLT, Bighorn, and Laramie.

Don’t expect manual transmission on your favorite, 2021 ram 2500 power wagon, Laramie Longhorn, or the incredible Limited models.

Rear Air Suspension

The auto-level rear air suspension is an admirable feature that we hope will be retained or even made better. This system responds to your command and automatically adapts to shifting loads and changes in road camber. Still, it works well for the parallel hitch between truck and trailer.

Exterior and redesigns

The 2021 ram 2500 spy photos indicate a somewhat newer design. But that depends on the trim.

Exterior and redesigns

Ram 2500 is one of the most flexible vehicles today, and we expect changes right from the grilles to the lighting. And this also applies to the 2021 Ram 2500 Mega Cab.

  • Lighting: since we expect a change in the design, especially the front, it is normal that the alignment of lighting might change too. Nonetheless, the headlight design – LED lighting and the Adaptive Forward Lighting System is expected to be retained. And that should also apply to the LED Taillamps. Another lighting is present – center-high mounted all-LED Brake Light or spaced out LED light above the cabin.
  • Grille: we expect a distinctive grille somewhat like that of the RAM 1500
  • Cargo management system: we expect the same system as in the previous models to be retained. That means you get two lockable and drainable storage bins with LED lighting and other features like remote access through key fob and 115-volt power outlet.
  • Tailgate: of course, the tail gets should be easier to close and open. That implies it will have a power release option, and a strut will connect the rear box pillar to the tailgate. And still, the 2021 ram 2500 redesign shows that it will come with two tow hooks near the exhaust pipes. Additionally, it will come with blacked-out dual exhaust tips.
  • Wide front fenders with air vents: this arrangement allows for the installation of larger tires typical of an off-road. Still, it gives the truck that muscular, sporty stance.
  • The mirror design is expected to remain. But since RAM doesn’t have telescopic mirrors 2021 ram 2500, Cummins could feature Trailer Tow mirrors that can be flipped into portrait orientation for wider reach.

Interior and redesign

The 2021 ram 2500 pictures don’t show the interiors of the vehicle. But of course, the vehicle won’t remain the same entirely.

Interior and redesign

While there may be variations in the seat material and design, the suede could be standard and the leather optional. Suede is cost-effective and gives a better grip while off-roading.

The reclining feature, though, is what sets this model ahead of the rest.

The greatest expectation is that the 2021 ram 2500 trucks should be spacious all around the cabin. Still, it should offer a generous size of the trailer. Keeping up with the current trends shows that a camera mount in and around the cabin can be a great addition since to record all the off-road activities.

Another big anticipation is that the instrument panel will be feature-rich. We expect a whole new control panel, featuring all the necessary buttons. Being a bit larger will make it easier to control multiple aspects without hassle.

Show instrument panel

2021 ram 2500 truck instrument panel

Retaining the current touch 12-inch touch screen panel alongside other features isn’t a bad idea. Still, the noise-canceling function and the premium audio system aren’t a bad idea at all.

It is spacious too

Interior and redesign

Safety features

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Forward collision warning
  • An adaptive forward lighting system
  • Front and rear park assist

2021 Dodge 2500 Owner’s manual

The user manual helps you to understand the capabilities of your vehicle as well as know how to use it. The manual is specific to the brand of the vehicle model.  According to the 2021 ram 2500 news, the user manual will be out once the manufacture rolls out the Ram HD trucks, and it will be available for download on the official site.

Manuals and Guides feature:

  • Compiles everything you need to understand about your vehicle in one place
  • The information is in categories making it easy to identify topics of interest.
  • Teaches you how to utilize your vehicles purposeful innovation

Here are also Educational Videos which lets you:

  • Quickly identify the capabilities, safety features, and technologies in your RAM truck.
  • Learn the basics for caring for your RAM truck/explore advanced options

Dodge 2500 Owner’s forum

The Ram’s forum is a discussion forum about numerous things affecting the Ram trucks. You can find many aspects of these forums. However, a thing to consider is the discussion about the generation. The fifth generation of Ram spans from 2019 to present, and here is where the 2021 Dodge 2500 lies. The 2021 ram 2500 forum is up and running.

Dodge 2500 Known issues

As much as Dodge Ram offers the sportiest truck in its class, they aren’t without issues. First, some drivers find that the driving position is a little high. Another complaint was that the chatter is always present in the diesel engine.

It is also important to note that a few users complained of the following:

  • Cruise control not working all the time.
  • Uncomfortable and painful seat, especially on the 2020 Ram Longhorn – the seat contour hurts the legs and the hips. We expect a correction on the 2021 Ram Longhorn.
  • Problems with the transmission, which normally necessitate replacements. Typically, the transmission usually feels out of sync. This usually occurs when you try to accelerate on the automatic transmission. If this doesn’t auger well with you, Ram offers an optional six-speed manual transmission that provides excellent control and subtle shifting. But we expect 2021 ram 2500 new transmission system will be efficient.
  • Excessive fuel dilution on 6.7L Cummins
  • Noisy interior when off-roading

Who should buy Dodge 2500?

Since we expect significant upgrades in the 2021 dodge 2500. The current models have not disappointed, and many people find the trucks suitable for various functions.

Logically, the 2021 version should offer even better performance as it should address the shortcomings that the previous models have.  But then again, that will depend on the specific model.

We expect features like:

  • Roomy Interior
  • Top Tier Towing
  • Low Sound Levels
  • Stellar Engine Choices
  • Smooth Suspension
  • Supreme Braking Ability
  • Fantastic Infotainment System
  • Large Cargo Area
  • Nimble Handling

With these features, the ram trucks have a lot to offer. The following groups of persons can use the vehicle:

  • People who tow or haul
  • If you need a versatile vehicle – it can shift from outdoors adventures to towing to normal driving.
  • If you need a large storage capacity in your vehicle
  • Looking for a customizable vehicle

Still, the 2021 Ram 2500 rumors indicate it is an excellent family car.

Ram 2500 Trucks Warranty

The current warranty is still decent, though an improvement on it will still be significant. Ram trucks are considered America’s long-lasting trucks thanks to quality material and construction. The warranty provided lies in two categories – bumper-to-bumper and power train.

Powertrain Limited Warranty Coverage

Currently, Ram provides a 5-year (100,000-mile) limited warranty for all diesel vehicles. On the other hand, gas vehicles get a 5-year or 60,000-mile powertrain limited warranty. In both cases, the warranty covers the cost of repairs on all components related to the engine, transmission as well as the drive system.

That means the internal parts of an engine, e.g., the oil and water pumps, while in the transmission system, it covers the case, torque converter, and sensors.

Remember, powertrain warranties are transferable, and towing is provided.

Bumper-To-Bumper Coverage

The basic limited warranty coverage from Ram will protect your vehicle (new) up to 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. This is a comprehensive warranty and should cover everything – the body and the interior components, including the electrical system. However, it is worth noting that some elements have limited coverage or time and mileage limitations, which may differ from the warranty’s general coverage. Such components include:

  • Batteries
  • Catalytic converters
  • Collision parts
  • HEMI crate engine kit
  • Windshield made with Corning Gorilla glass
  • Remanufactured powertrain
  • Gaskets and seals
  • Brake pads/shoes and shocks/struts
  • Performance parts

Ram covers construction and design defects, but it does not cover general wear and tear, accidents, and modifications.

Additional Coverage

The additional benefit comes in the form of 24-hour roadside assistance. These benefits are available as long as the manufacturer’s warranty period of five years or 60,000 miles (gas vehicles) or five years or 100,000 miles (diesel vehicles), whichever comes first, is valid and viable.

The towing service will transport your vehicle to the nearest FCA dealership. Nevertheless, additional charges will apply if you opt for another dealership that is 10 miles further on the journey.

Roadside service technicians can help with flat tires, jumpstarts, and other related emergencies. Exclusions include fuel cost, rental car expenses, and meals/lodging expenses.

2021 ram 2500 vs. 350, 3500, f250

2021 ram 2500 vs. 350

RAM trucks are at the cutting edge of capability, and the manufacturer ups the game each year. With the 2021 models, we expect more power to 2021 dodge ram 2500 diesel engine option. For most people, price is usually a concern.  However, 2021 ram 2500 HD should follow a similar format to the 2020 RAM HD prices.

The new 2500 and 3500 models will deliver astonishing power and off-roading capability. Til, you get impressive efficiency of these powerful trucks.

However, the 3500 is more powerful than 2500, considering the torque and horsepower. But both have similar interior features.

2021 ram 2500 vs. 350

Ram 350 is somewhat an old model vehicle, and it doesn’t have the impressive looks of the Ram 2500. In fact, 2021 ram2500 is touted to be the king of the mountains. Still, it will offer plenty of towing capacities, enhanced security features, and unmatched reliability.

By contrast, the RAM 350 is old but dependable, and it is a definite work truck. It is a 4WD, Gasoline engine, 230 HP @ 4,000 RPM power, and a torque of 330 lb-ft @ 2,800 RPM.

2021 ram 2500 vs. f250

These trucks are an excellent option for off-roaders. The trucks compete for the same niche, and that is why they pack attractive features.

The f250 is expected to retain the same pricing, which is actually higher than that of the ram 2500. But these are accompanied by high-class features like the first-class towing abilities, and it can tow up to 37,000 pounds. Compare this to ram 2500, which tows up to 16, 000 pounds but has a luxurious look and feel.

By all means, the f250 is larger than the ram 2500 both in the interior and exterior except for the Front Head Room. Another remarkable difference is that fuel tank capacity, which is large in the f250 by 3 gallons (34 gallons).

Bottom line

2021 is the year to witness the unleashing of the powerful line of ram trucks. Considering the current technology and features, it is only logical to anticipate something more powerful and drive friendly.

We are pretty sure RAM truck manufacturers are out to handle the complaints that customers have put forth, such as the lackluster security technology. The 2021 trucks must feature additional features apart from the camera and park sensor.

Customers expect a new transmission system that will reduce the feeling of being out of sync while accelerating in some trucks.

Otherwise, the RAM truck is the one to buy, especially if you are looking for a heavy-duty truck. The pickup offers it all – it has excellent towing capabilities, masculine and sporty look, premium interior comfort, and unlimited upgrades.

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